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Hi, my name is Dmitry Nekrasov, i am animation artist & director from Moscow. I create everything for animation pre-production: animatics, storyboards, concepts.

I participated as director and concept-artist in animation projects for "Parovoz" studio, 2x2 channel, "Stella" studio, RWS Studios, "Sreda" company and many others.
I am co-author of "Shrimps" and "Space Badminton" cartoon series pilots, i had experience of pitching the project in Nickelodeon Russia.

From the midlle of 2019 i am engaged as creative producer at "Merkator" animation studio.

Previously i have worked as concept-artist in several feature and TV films, drawing concept-art and building 3D-prototypes of sets.

Feel free to get in touch with me by email:

Curriculum vitae:

Full CV in .pdf file here (eng & rus)


Episodic director, TV shows:

 "F.A.S.T.", 11 min., 2D. 
(5, 8, 10, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23,  24, 26-th episodes) 
"Parovoz" studio, 2017-2018.

 "Cutie Cubies", (26-th episode) 11 min., 3D. 
"Parovoz" studio, 2018.

"Spaceport", (pilot) 11 min., 3D.
"Parovoz" studio, 2019.

"Team M", 12 min., 2D, pilot.
"Delai!" studio, Al Jazeera, 2019.

"Uncle Styopa", 11 min., 3D. 
(animatics of 18, 20, 22, 23, 24-th episodes)
"Merkator animation" studio, 2019.


Leading director & creative producer: 

"Super Rally", 6 min., 3D, 24 episodes.
"Merkator animation" studio, 2019-2020.


Director, concept-artist and creator:

"Spacebadminton" 11 min., 3 episodes. 2D.
"VGIK debut" and "Souzmultfilm", 2017-2019.

"Shrimps" 12 min., 2D, TV show concept and pilot episode.
"Stella" studio and Saerom Animation, 2015.

"Route of the worlds" 12 min., 2D, TV-series bible and concept.
"Paranoid" studio, 2019-2020.



"Screw loose" 9 min., 2D.
"Argus" studio, "Capital Letter Int.", 2015-2016.

"Disobedience festival", 3D-cartoon scenes in full-length feature film
"Stella" studio, 2015.

"Bearfoots" 24 min., 2D. 
"Argus" studio, "Sreda" company, "2х2" channel, 2013.

"Fridge" 24 min., 2D.
"Argus" studio, "RWS" studios, 2013.

"Inventors" 22 min., 2D. (1st and 2nd episodes).
"Ulet" studio, 2012.

© Dmitry Nekrasov, 2008—2020

© Dmitry Nekrasov, 2008—2018

© Dmitry Nekrasov, 2008—2018